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The BGuide® is the most advanced and easiest way to measure, control and document the layer of “under tread” as well as the layer of extruded cushion gum. The BGuide works through a combination of advanced sensor- and latest computer technology and is performing 30 individual measurings per second. Due to the special design, measuring can take place even on rotating tyres.


Air Springs Test

During the shearography test, air springs show themselves to be more sensitive than tires. The vibrations of air springs during the test procedure can have a strong influence on the image quality. Nonetheless, our machine displays separations clearly, even if the final images are blurred. This means that the shearography test is an absolutely reliable test tool for determining separations, even with air springs.

Automatic conveyor system

Each SDS machine can be provided with an individual conveyor system for loading and unloading, transport or distribution of tyres/casing. This system guarantees automatic operation without personnel and even more efficiency and flexibility in tyre testing. The conveyor technology can be customized with individual modules to fit your requirements. The following modules are available: pneumatic loader and unloader // Turn-over-fixture (TOF) for fully automatic bead-to-bead testing // Standard conveyor modules with energy-efficient DC motor and different conveyor lengths // Conveyor modules with belts for 90° deflection or distribution 90°/180°/270° // Automatic transfer modules into monorail systems or other conveyor technology solutions // Monorail systems and many more.