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Interferometric Tire Tester

SDS Systemtechnik – ITT-1 (Interferometric Tire Tester)

The economical tire testing system

The ideal solution for the cost-effective inspection of small and midsize throughput of tires and casings – at a low space requirement. New tire manufacturers appreciate the reliable quality assurance in the final inspection and retreaders value the efficient initial and final inspection.

Automated workflow

Defined testing programs guarantee a repeatable and reliable inspection of all tire sizes. The testing results can be recorded and documented manually or by means of barcodes. Thanks to the user-friendly software, the perfect image quality and the real time operation, the test results are quickly and clearly displayed and archived.

Highest productivity

For a higher productivity, the basic system can be extended with different SDS conveyor modules to an inline setup and additionally be equipped with two or three measuring heads.

Highly cost-effective

ITT-1 systems convince by their low investment and operation costs, the nearly maintenance-free operation, short cycle times and the low space requirement. Due to the easy handling, also semi-skilled personnel can operate the machine. Standardized components and the easy replacement of spare parts reduce downtime and maintenance.