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Endurance Test Monitoring System

Non-Stop Online Monitoring with SDS

The system permits almost any recording length of standardised durability tests or specific test procedures. It displays changes in the tire and offers switch-off criteria depending on the size of the detected defects. Two 3-D scanners (for the sidewalls) or three 3-D scanners (in the case of additional tread surface) are used to record the tire geometry. Defects on the tire surface are detected accurately by three-dimensional determination of the geometry.

Possible applications

Non-stop online monitoring // Detection of growth, deformations, separations and breakages // Measurement of indentations, constrictions and dents as well as runouts


Non-contact measuring principle with laser triangulation // Suitable for endurance test benches and uniformity systems // Steel-plated 3-D scanners

The application software offers

Visualisation and analysis of tire geometry // Offline analysis of endurance test results // Automatic shut-off function // Automatic data archiving for reconstruction of defect development over the entire test period