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OTR 3800/4500

Off-the-Road Interferometric Tire Tester

SDS Systemtechnik – OTR 3800/4500 (Off-the-Road Interferometric Tire Tester)

OTR 3800/4500 – The special solution

The test system for OTR tires up to 63" has a closed portal frame which supports the 4-axis positioning system with a measuring unit. The insulation of the test chamber and the frame ensures reliable workflow – even in industrial environments. In order to guarantee easy and fast tire handling using forklifts or cranes outside the test chamber, the tire is automatically centred and loaded via a shuttle system.

Automated testing – high productivity

Predefined test programs ensure repeatable and reliable test procedures that can be recorded and documented manually or by barcode. Optionally, the test chamber can be equipped with a second door for inline operation. Productivity is enhanced even more with a second measuring head.

Economical and profitable

Since new tires are very expensive and failures lead to high follow-up costs, the SDS systems support the required outstanding quality, thereby guaranteeing resilience. Tests that are performed before and after retreading ensure that the high cost of retreading and/or repair for the respective casing is justified.