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Laser Marking System

SDS Systemtechnik – LMS-Inline (Laser Marking System)

The clever tire marking system

The ideal solution for the display of legally required identifying information and customer data using laser marking. Our LMS Inline is designed for use in retreading plants, as well as in new tire manufacture. In the automotive industry, the LMS Inline is used in the field of R&D and also in tire testing and homologation.

SDS quality - you can rely on it

LMS Offline marking is easy and does not require additional cost-intensive installations. Robust materials and industrial components, as well as low-maintenance mechanics and industrial laser technology, guarantee long-lasting and accurate results. The integrated extraction system ensures long service life of the laser components.

Flexible and secure marking

All fonts, graphics and barcodes can be edited freely and used as individual templates for different tire sizes. Predefined marking programs and the SDS interface enable an easy, fast marking process.

Efficient and cost-effective

Fully automatic marking with our LMS Inline is particularly economical thanks to lower operating costs, easy handling and minimum production times. The optional barcode connection or an integrated solution with SDS conveyor technology modules makes for more rapid processes.