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Laser Marking System

SDS Systemtechnik – LMS-Gripper (Laser Marking System)

LMS-Gripper / Laser Marking System.

The automatic LMS-Gripper for engraving customized lettering and graphics in a permanently legible manner at a designated position. The ideal solution for customized marking in tyre production and retreading.


The engraving (e.g. continuous serial numbers, logos, barcodes and QR-codes) at a defined position on the sidewall remains permanently legible.

Open Interface.

With an ODBC-driver the LMS-Gripper can aquire data directly from a database and make sure the correct data is marked on the tire.


Cost-effective process due to high throughput. By utilizing two laserunits the LMS-Gripper allows automated and simultaneous marking of both side walls.


Thanks to automated processes, low operating costs and almost maintenance-free operation.