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Interferometric Tire Tester

SDS Systemtechnik – ITT-2 (Interferometric Tire Tester)

The high performance Tire Testing System

The industrial solution for the most efficient testing of all kind of tire and casing types. All features like measuring device, conveyor system and software are perfectly designed for a three-shift-operation. Annual production volumes of medium to high sized tire quantities can be inspected amost fully automatically.

Highest quality for best results

The state-of-the-art and sturdy SDS measuring technology guarantees a reliable detection of anomalies. All components are perfectly adjusted to each other and ensure maximum availability.

Automated inspection – high productivity

The automated loading and unloading, the multiple measuring technology as well as the optimum barcode connection enable a fast and reliable inspection – even by semi-skilled personnel. By real time processing and high image resolution, anomalies are reliably displayed and documented. The offline analysis allows a parallel inspection and evaluation.

Extremely economical and profitable

The test operation is highly profitable for new tire manufacturers and industrial retreaders thanks to lower operating and labour costs and very short cycle times. Standardised components and easy replacement of wear parts reduce maintenance times and costs.