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Laser profile measurement - Sheet of light

Newest laser and camera technology

The SDS sheet of light laser systems which are used in the PM-Inline-LS contains the newest camera technology to get precise results at high speed and laser lines with constant light intensity over the whole line length.

Economic system

Due to the newest technology a product width of 200mm can be covered by a single sensor without reduction of accuracy. It reduces the total required no. of cameras for a certain product width. Less system sensitivity to environment effects and less required maintenance are positive results of this design.

Optimized software

The system's software is specially designed for the tire industry and 100% compatible with the PM-Offline software. The unit can run fully controlled by the extrusion line's PLC or manually controlled directly from the operator panel.

Excellent service

Online service as well as fast world wide on-site support by our service representatives supports the continuous availability of the measurement system.